Phoenix Metals is the nation’s leading manufacturer of OEM sheet metal components and HVAC duct solutions. Utilizing the latest in sheet metal manufacturing equipment and technology we are able to process orders with superior efficiency and accuracy with lead times second to none in the industry. Providing services around the globe with a dedicated, knowledgeable staff, we are confident we can find the right solution for you.  Put the Phoenix “Team” to work for you on your next project!

Manufacturing Processes



Precision Fiber Laser Cutting

Fiber Laser Technology is the latest and most advanced precision cutting method in metal manufacturing. There are many applications that can benefit from this technology. With a mild steel capacity up to 7/8″ thick, and repeatability of .0002″ fiber laser leads the way to precision, cost-effective, manufactured solutions.


Waterjet- Cut Metal / Fiberglass

Waterjet Cut Metal / Fiberglass

Phoenix utilizes two 55,000 psi pressure waterjet tables, a 20′ table dedicated to fiberglass, foams etc., and a 12′ metal waterjet with abrasive assist for cutting metals of various thickness. Waterjetting steel is primarily used for material subject to warping during the cutting processes as well as materials that are not suitable for precision fiber laser.




Plasma Cut Metal

Phoenix Metals is equipped with two 20′ plasma tables, providing a fast and efficient way to process sheet metal components primarily used in our duct manufacturing segments. Utilizing the latest HVAC software for optimization, we are able to download from print right to production saving critical turn around time.



Roll Forming

With several combinations of roll forming equipment we are able to add custom flanges, safety edges, hems, and locks to many types of manufactured duct solutions and components.


Precision Computerized Brake Forming

Phoenix utilizes the latest in high tech precision brake forming and folding machines to produce consistent bends on a wide range of metals. Parts are programmed to allow for consistent repeatability throughout a production run.

10/6 Coil Iowa Precision Duct Line

10/6 Coil Iowa Precision Duct Line

Your duct is manufactured on the high-tech, Iowa Precision Duct Line. Utilizing 16 decoilers, duct is produced efficiently to specification from computer uploads direct to our machines. The Iowa Precision Duct Line produces consistent Slip and Drive Connections, TDC and Lined Duct; so, installations are more efficient, which saves the end user time and money.  


Phoenix Metals goes that extra mile in providing us the best service in the business, from quick turn around to technical expertise, Phoenix Metals is there for me every time.

Jim Bounds, Calvert Mechanical Solutions

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