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Acoustic Lining and Insulation

Finding a reliable manufacturer of double wall, insulated duct, panels, plenums and fittings for both spiral and rectangular constructions can be difficult. This challenge is mainly a result of the fact that the specialized labor and machinery required to manufacture acoustically lined, solid or perforated double wall duct is not readily available at the scale necessary to support commercial projects.

Let us take the hassle out of sourcing double wall and insulated HVAC products by manufacturing your ductwork, fittings and custom components. We offer:

  • Closed Cell or Fiberglass Acoustic Lining
  • Solid or Perforated Inner Metal Liner for Double Wall Duct
  • Custom Formed Fittings
  • Pinned and Adhesive Insulation Securing

Examples of lined and insulated products we manufacture

Double Wall Spiral




Double Wall Rectangular




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