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For installers, Transverse Duct Connection (TDC) means consistent, roll-formed flanges, hemmed from the wall sheet, which produces less material waste, increases structural integrity and enables proper gasket seating. As a result, it is the most efficient manufacturing technique for many large-scale HVAC system types. We use an Iowa Precision Coil Line to create high-quality, rectangular duct systems for our customers, and corner-lock all duct connection types to produce an air-tight seal for your constructions.

Custom TDC components and fittings for your HVAC systems are fabricated to clip into place using standard cleats, and are professionally roll-formed and notched by TDC machine technicians to connect with minimal effort using standard gasket, bolts and nuts. We source and carry a full range of installation supplies from our trusted distributor network for your convenience.

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Our TDC Solutions include:

Double Wall Construction

Single Wall Construction

Custom Components and Fittings


“Ten years ago Professional Mechanical was at a crossroad. We had the capability of handling larger projects, with the exception of our shop fabrication, being manual, keeping up with the ever increasing speed of project schedules. Since then our continuing relationship with Phoenix Metals enables us to consider all types and sizes of projects. Their knowledge of SMACNA requirements and unwavering desire to service their customers sets them apart from all other fabrication shops.”

David C. Humm, Professional Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

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