Pro-Tech is the reality of professionals and technology at Phoenix Metals working together for you.

Phoenix Metals is a specialized manufacturer of HVAC duct solutions and OEM components, value engineering and producing for customers across the United States, US Provinces and around the Globe. Utilizing the latest in sheet metal manufacturing equipment and technology:

Our CAD platform is DXF-ready for your pre-generated files.

Our CAM is monitored by HVAC and manufacturing experts.

Both fiber laser cutting to 7/8″ plate and plasma cutting is available.

Rectangular TDC duct is machine-rolled with Iowa Precision quality.

Spiral duct is manufactured in-house, stocked and to specification.

Automated Seam welding is available for specialty metal duct.

we are able to process orders with superior efficiency and accuracy keeping our lead time quick, consistent and reliable. Our form-up mechanics, certified welders, CAM professionals, machine specialists, product and logistics technicians make it possible for Phoenix Metals to deliver ahead of the industry average for typical and specialty HVAC products within 3-5 business days.

Our dedicated, knowledgeable staff puts its construction industry and manufacturing experience to work for you; and, we are confident that we can build the right product solution for you. Development specialists are available to assist with OEM requests, design adjustments, plan/spec review, and drawing coordination if needed. As our customer, your success is our priority.

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Manufacturing Processes



Fiber Laser Cutting

Fiber Laser Technology is the latest and most advanced precision cutting method in metal manufacturing. There are many applications that can benefit from this technology. With a mild steel capacity up to 7/8″ thick, and repeatability of .0002″ fiber laser leads the way to precision, cost-effective, manufactured solutions.


Waterjet Cut Insulation

Phoenix utilizes a 20′, 55,000 psi pressure waterjet table to cut closed-cell insulation and fiberglass insulation from 1/2″ to 2″ thickness, reducing product waste and particulate output, while increasing the quality of the end result with precision that supports factory consistency in assembly.



Plasma Cutting

Phoenix Metals is equipped with two 20′ plasma tables, providing a fast and efficient way to process sheet metal components primarily used in our duct manufacturing segments. Utilizing the latest HVAC software for optimization, we are able to download from print right to production saving critical turn around time.



Roll Forming

With several combinations of roll forming equipment we are able to add custom flanges, safety edges, hems, and locks to many types of manufactured duct solutions and components.


Computerized Brake Forming

Phoenix utilizes high tech precision brake forming and folding machines to produce consistent bends on a wide range of metals. Parts are programmed to allow for consistent repeatability throughout a production run.

10/6 Coil Iowa Precision Duct Line

10/6 Coil Iowa Precision Duct Line

Your duct is manufactured on the high-tech, Iowa Precision Duct Line. Utilizing 16 decoilers, duct is produced efficiently to specification from computer uploads direct to our machines. The Iowa Precision Duct Line produces consistent Slip and Drive Connections, TDC and Lined Duct; so, installations are more efficient, which saves the end user time and money.  


Phoenix Metals constantly exceeds my expectations with quality, service and dependability.

Rob Schultz, S&S Mechanical Contractors

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