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With building costs on the rise to account not only for specialty material required by designers but also for the specialized labor necessary to fabricate and install, the attention we pay to pricing, material cost and production efficiency is significant to your bottom line. Increasingly complex mechanical designs are becoming the norm as air quality requirements, particularly in public buildings, are becoming more stringent, which means more unique OEM components in HVAC systems.

Generally, in manufacturing, unique means expensive. For our customers, the ability of the Phoenix Metals team to upload DXF files to our CAD program, as well as convert shop drawings and commercial plans into digital representations for computer-assisted manufacturing (CAM) processes as quickly for custom components as for typical products is reflected as savings in pricing. Our customers’ success is our priority.

Rest assured in our industry specialization that even the most complex retrofits and newly required IAQ controls won’t make our heads spin and will still be delivered within 3 to 5 business days of the accepted quote or purchase order. Your success is our priority.

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“Ten years ago Professional Mechanical was at a crossroad. We had the capability of handling larger projects, with the exception of our shop fabrication, being manual, keeping up with the ever increasing speed of project schedules. Since then our continuing relationship with Phoenix Metals enables us to consider all types and sizes of projects. Their knowledge of SMACNA requirements and unwavering desire to service their customers sets them apart from all other fabrication shops.”

David C. Humm, Professional Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

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