Customer Success Is Our Priority

At Phoenix Metals, our customers’ success is our priority and providing exceptional service to our customers is foundational to our demonstration of Pride, Performance and Excellence. We responded to the need for specialized HVAC sheet metal fabrication when we acquired L.H. Cranston in 1996, and continue to add value to our customers by manufacturing the ductwork, fittings and ventilation system components that mechanical contractors don’t have time to fabricate AND maintain an efficient installation schedule.

Phoenix Metals’ commitment to our customer’s success begins from the first pre-bid inquiry through the on-site challenges requiring last minute product solutions. We are innovators in the industry with constant investment in new technology and processes. That means we can assist w/ value engineering of custom components if you need it, quote your product solution from a drawing, fabricate and deliver, usually within 3 to 5 business days. Regardless, communicated completion dates are met on time every time.

We are dedicated to providing the best possible service to our customers and we evidence that dedication in the quality of our product solutions. For your component construction needs, we continue to offer spiral and rectangular duct manufacturing, MIG/TIG, automated seam and mechanized welding, as well as custom fabrication options that address the range of specifications from raw edge to TDC. With over 150 years of combined construction industry, sheet metal fabrication and manufacturing experience, we are proud to offer a level service to our customers that keeps your end results competitive.

We like to call the combination of experience, investment and performance we offer through our production the “Phoenix Metals Advantage.”  Put us to work for you on your next project!

Service Is Our Priority


Full Service Estimation and Shop Drawings

Phoenix Metals offers our customers detailed quotes using the latest estimating software. In addition to traditional plan and spec estimation, we  partner with one of the best local coordinated drawings firms in the business. Together, we can offer you a complete estimate and digitized mechanical drawing package with 3D component models ready for immediate fabrication!


Computer-assisted Manufacturing

Phoenix Metals utilizes the latest industry-specific technology and automated fabrication processes to provide our customers with affordable, quality manufactured products. Our continual expansion and reinvestment in machinery and technology, is also an investment in your success and our commitment to delivering reliable, consistent product with exceptional service.

Shipping…We’ve got you covered.

Phoenix Metals maintains a fleet of delivery trucks to service our local customers and also contracts with over the road firms to provide the same dedicated delivery service throughout the continental United States. We don’t stop there… Phoenix also contracts with local export firms to ship worldwide! We can provide packaging and crating for all the materials we manufacture and ship. With our quick turnaround and efficient shipment scheduling, you can expect to have your materials on site when you need them!


“Ten years ago Professional Mechanical was at a crossroad. We had the capability of handling larger projects, with the exception of our shop fabrication, being manual, keeping up with the ever increasing speed of project schedules. Since then our continuing relationship with Phoenix Metals enables us to consider all types and sizes of projects. Their knowledge of SMACNA requirements and unwavering desire to service their customers sets them apart from all other fabrication shops.”

David C. Humm, Professional Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

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