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Industry averages for manufacturing turnaround time vary, depending on the size of the project and components required. We pride ourselves on having set up a facility and employed people that can expertly and efficiently operate our specialized machinery and manual equipment to turn out commercial-scale runs of single wall, double wall, insulated, coated, slip and drive or TDC duct, complete with fittings and custom takeoff within 3 to 5 business days.

Have a unique OEM requirement you need to complete your install that wasn’t in the specifications? Not a problem. We cover those types of under-the-wire project needs with reduced turnaround times; and, your success is our priority. Send us a sketch, or give us a call; and, we’ll quote you the best price for the job. Not only will we work with you to get it done ahead of what last minute typically costs in project completion time and money; but also, you can expect your material delivered on-time, everytime.

Call or email us for project pricing, or use our online ordering app for standard duct and fittings!


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