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Welded Ductwork

Phoenix Metals is your one-stop-shop for welded ductwork needed in high temperature environments, humid areas, and corrosive environments. We use an Iowa Precision Coil Line duct machine and an Automated Longitudinal Seam Welder to create high-quality, welded rectangular/round duct systems for our customers. The off-edge joining made possible and swiftly repeatable by automated seam welding reduces leakage potential and increases the aesthetic of exposed systems, allowing for wall-facing seams.

Our certified welders finish custom components using MIG/TIG techniques, and consult with our value engineers to complete your order using the most efficient and effective joining methods for your project requirements.

No matter what the project is, Phoenix Metals is the source for all your welded ductwork, fitting and custom component needs.

Our welded ductwork products include:

Custom MIG/TIG Component Construction

round welded

Automated Round and Rectangular Ductwork Seam Welding


Phoenix Metals constantly exceeds my expectations with quality, service and dependability.

Rob Schultz, S&S Mechanical Contractors

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